Window Treatments for the Living Room

In today’s modern life style the living room has a much more relaxed and informal feel than in times past. It is a welcoming cozy place for the family to curl up, read, talk, and play. It is also a comfortable place to entertain family and friends. When planning what type of window treatment to use in the living room of your Wilmington, N.C. home keep this thought in mind. Ask yourself , when do you plan to use this room, for what purpose and what type of activities. The answers to these questions will help you decide the style and type of window treatment you will use.

If the room is to be used largely for leisure pursuits, then the window treatment should reflect this. Grommet Drapes are a good choice because they are simple yet expressive. Grommet drapes made of bamboo, cotton, or linen have a great appeal for those looking for a more natural and functional decor. Drapes made from these materials are also more practical for this often used room because they are easier to keep clean than more elaborate fabrics. B & W Window Fashions have over 400 designer fabrics to choose from which give the opportunity to customize your drapes and personalize your decor. They range from the simple to the elegant with contemporary colors and patterns. Roman shades are another window treatment that have an ancient design with a modern style. Classic pleats to cascade designs can work well with their rectangular lines, balanced by soft horizontal pleats. Levelor Roman Shades offer a broad selection of colors, fabric, and design options. They are available in flat or hobbled design in current colors such as Mink, Toffee, and Merlot.

Whatever window treatment you choose for your living room should be appropriate to the design and use of the room. Although the window treatment is important in themselves, they should work well with the other features and activities of the room. But the most important consideration when planning a room decor, is that the style should fit your family. Contact a professional window treatment company here in Wilmington, N.C. for a Free-In Home consultation to consider all the possibilities.

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