Tall Windows Perfection in Design, Wilmington, N.C.

Every window has a unique character that is important to the architectural style and interior design of the home. A tall window is an exceptional object of style. Some have said that the tall window which is associated with the Georgian architecture and style of the 18th century is a perfection of design. How do you dress this window with out taking away from the appealing statement it makes in your home?

Tall windows offer many opportunities for both traditional, formal treatments, and simpler designs. To maximize the available light from this window it is good to keep in mind that whatever window treatment you choose, avoid heavy materials or window coverings overly ornate in design.  A restrained look might include basic pinch pleat drapes, or a classic pair of draperies with a simple swag, or a single panel draped diagonally across the window frame and caught high up with a tieback. A pair of draperies with a simple swag is also an attractive way to dress a window with interior shutters. If using draperies on a tall, narrow window that does not extend to the floor make sure the draperies fall to the floor to anchor the window in the room.

Another option for a tall well proportioned window is a Roman shade. When  hung within the window frame the shade will highlight the architecture of the window. For a modern twist, a roman shade made of rattan, bamboo or other natural fibers will add a visual and textural interest. Roman shades are a smart choice because they look suitable in all decors, traditional, contemporary, transitional, or country. Roman shades also raise and lower easily to provide the exact amount of light needed and draw up completely to allow for an open view. Hunter Douglas Vignette Roman Shade is a popular choice because of the variety of color and fabric combinations.

Whatever the size window, it should be dressed to look as appealing as possible with just the right window treatment to enhance it’s intrinsically interesting design.  Tall windows, perfection in design should be dressed perfectly. Contact a window treatment company here in Wilmington, N.C. for a Free-in-Home consultation.

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