Earth Friendly Window Treatments, Wilmington, N.C. describes Eco-friendly as” literally meaning earth friendly or not harmful to the environment.” Eco- Friendly products also prevent contributions to air, water, and land pollution. The window treatment industry through the years has made great improvements in Eco-friendly and energy saving designs. Many types of window treatments can be obtained with organic or Eco-friendly materials that contribute to a safer environment in the home.

Window treatments made out of natural fibers cut down on the amount of pollution in the interior of the home,which can benefit family members who may have allergies or sensitivities to some chemicals that may be in other fabrics. Many of the organic Eco-friendly materials are softer, durable, and include an anti-bacterial property that is good for the home environment.  Some of the environmentally popular materials include, hemp, bamboo, silk, linen, and cotton. For example, Certified Organic Cotton is grown without chemicals or fertilizers and produces a soft, durable material well suited for  window treatments such as grommet drapes, or light filtering organic sheers that provide light and privacy. Window treatments made from hemp a product from plants, allows natural light into the room, keeps harmful UV rays out, is durable and machine washable. Many woven shade collections offer unique natural materials such as bamboo, wood reeds and grasses. These shades are carefully woven to let just right amount of light in creating a cozy and comfortable room.

Products can be identified as “green” based on the type of material used, recycling potential or green certification. Hunter Douglas according to their information has “commissioned the GreenGuard Environmental Institute to verify a product has met stringent indoor air quality guidelines to be environmentally friendly.” This certification appears on many of their products, such as Duette honeycomb shades, Silhouette window shades, and Vignette roman shades to name a few.

“Besides being the right thing to do, going green is also popular and stylish.” The use of environmentally friendly materials in today’s window treatment industry has certainly proved this to be a true statement. Share in saving the environment by contacting a professional window treatment company here in Wilmington, NC for a free in home consultation to see what earth friendly products are available.

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