Bay Windows Dressed to Perfection, Wilmington, N.C.

Bay windows have a pretty shape and are delightful to look at from both inside and outside the house.  A bay or bow window may be rectangular, polygonal, or arch shaped and the number of windows in a bay can range from three, to six, to seven. Bay windows typically have a reputation of being difficult to treat, but in fact as long as each window within the bay is treated in a similar way, the result can be a perfect window treatment design for your Wilmington, NC home.

There are several ways to dress this window shape keeping in mind simplicity is the best.  One way to unite the windows within a bay can be accomplished by hanging sheer draperies over the whole window area. A shallow bay window can be successfully dressed with a single drapery panel on either side. Add a coordinating valance or cornice and the result is dramatic. Shades work well on this type of window also. Consider roman shades hung separately on each section of the bay window to give the room a modern contemporary look. The combination of sheer drapes and shades used on a deep wide bay window helps to break up the uniform size of the window panes. To complete the look, the right hardware is necessary. The type of hardware you choose depends on the style you what to achieve. An angled bay window may require a cut to measure rod, angled rods which follow the contours of the window. To give the room a theatrical look, hang the rod outside the bay window straight across the front of the window or alcove. Another choice is a continuous curved rod that can be attached to the wall or ceiling.

Having a bay window in the home can be viewed as a bonus for many reasons. The shape of the window  increases the levels of light and adds a sense of space to a room. These windows add architectural interest and value to your home. They create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere for your home. With all the design options available it is important to contact a professional window treatment company here in Wilmington, N.C. for a Free-In-Home consultation to help you dress your bay window perfectly.

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