Honeycomb Shades Are A Sweet Choice For Your Home, Wilmington, NC

The honeycomb of the honeybee has been admired and wondered about from ancient times on. According to Greek Mythology the skillful craftsman, Daedalus was said to  manufacture the first man made honeycomb 3000 years ago. The design of honeycomb structures are varied, but the common feature of these structures is an “array of hollow cells formed between thin vertical walls.” Cellular or honeycomb shades which were introduced in 1985 are one product that has benefited from this amazing geometric design.

Honeycomb shades have a unique pleated construction resembling the honeycomb of a beehive which is an important energy saving feature. The design of this shade traps an insulating layer of air in the space created within each cell which helps to keep heat in and with an additional insulating feature can filter out 99% of harmful UV rays. Honeycomb shades are available in single, double, or triple cells and can be used horizontally or vertically in specialty shaped windows, sliding doors, and skylights. Levolor “Accordia”Cellular shadesare popular with over 200 fabric choices. With the addition of “Energy Shield” by Levolor maximum energy savings can be achieved. Hunter Douglas offers “Duette” honeycomb shades in four degrees of transparency from sheer to semi-opaque. Honeycomb shades provide the best of both worlds offering complete privacy when closed and when fully raised stack neatly for an unobstructed view.  Honeycomb shades have several operation options, such as motorized, cordless, a continuous loop system, and remote control for hard to reach windows. Honeycomb shades are often considered a contemporary alternative to sheers. They can be used in any room of the house, alone, with a simple top treatment, or under draperies. The combination of soft fabric with crisp pleating yields a look equally at home in traditional or modern home interiors.

Honeycomb shades and their unique design bring privacy, energy efficiency, and beauty to every room. Contact a window treatment professional here in Wilmington, NC for a FREE-In-Home Consultation to help you create the most beautiful and functional window fashion using honeycomb shades.

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