Prepare Properly With Hurricane Shutters, Wilmington, NC

Hurricane season has started and will last until the end of November. This is a cause of concern for many here in Wilmington, NC and surrounding communities. Hurricanes, tropical storms, and extreme weather, create much damage to public and private property each year. Even though Irene was the only hurricane in 2011 that made land fall in this area, there was a total of 19 storms that caused serious problems along the Atlantic coast last year.  Here are a few tips to help families prepare properly for the 2012 hurricane season.

It  is important to have a family emergency plan. Take time to prepare supply kits with the appropriate amount of water, food, and medical supplies. Renew and update insurance policies and make sure you are covered for flood damage. In preparing our homes for severe weather, officials at the National Hurricane Center suggest we not use tape to secure the windows. According to the article from WWay3 Channel News, March 3, 2012, “this may give a false sense of security.”  They suggest that “residents in hurricane zones instead should use hurricane shutters and  impact resistant windows.”

Atlantic Premium Shutter Company has several storm shutter designs to fit any budget. ” The Classic Collection” hurricane shutter by Atlantic is available in Raised Panel, Faux Louver, and in a Board & Batten design. These shutters are well constructed using strong aluminum storm bars that secure the shutters when closed. Each shutter is available in 40 different colors and guaranteed to match any color or compliment any color of home. Another budget friendly product to consider are hurricane or storm panels. They are made of aluminum or galvanized steel. The are designed to fit nearly any regular sized window and special sized window panels can be ordered. Hurricane and storm panels are simple to install, can be removed and stored easily when not in use, and are an effective and economical way to protect your property and family.

Hurricanes are a part of life in this part of the country. It is important to prepare properly and minimize the damage by installing hurricane shutters and panels. A professional window treatment company here in Wilmington, NC can help you to find just the right protection for your home at the right price. Call for a Free-In-Home consultation and get ready for hurricane season 2012.

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