Top Down Bottom Up Shades, Best of Both Worlds Wilmington,NC

     The best of both worlds is a phrase to mean a situation where one can enjoy two different opportunities, or to get the best of both choices. Some living here in Wilmington, NC may feel they have the best of both worlds, the Atlantic Ocean and the tranquil waters of the Intracoastal Waterway. This phrase can also be used to describe a very popular window covering, the Top Down Bottom Up window shade.

     Top down bottom up window shades has a unique and versatile feature. They are designed so you can adjust the top independently from the bottom, controlling light and privacy offering the best of both worlds. This feature allows for variations creating different ambiance by lowering the shades from the top, bottom, or both. Top down bottom up shades provide privacy at eye level while allowing daylight to filter through either from the top or bottom of the window. This feature is popular because it can be used with many different types of shades such as roman, pleated, woven wood , or honeycomb shades.

     Hunter Douglas refers to top down bottom up shades as “the ultimate in versatility.” Hunter Douglas offers “Brilliance” pleated shades with this feature in 160 material and color combinations. Their “Silhouette” window shades offer an added feature called “TiltAnywhere” which allows you to tilt the vanes in any position. Levolor offers “Accordia” a cellular shade in a contemporary design with top down bottom up features for maximum light and privacy control. Levolor also has a roman shade that features two different styles, flat and hobbled. Both styles can be upgraded with the cordless top down bottom up feature in popular colors such as Seaside, Suede Mink, and Cream.

      Top down bottom up shades offer the best of both worlds. They provide your home with both privacy and just the right amount of light. The variations of style, design, color, and material are seemingly endless. To find the right top down bottom up shades for you home contact a professional window treatment company here in Wilmington, NC for a free in home consultation.

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